Partnering for progress

Over 3 years of research and discussion with community was undertaken prior to commencing and committing to the fund raising for this facility. This project has the full support of the local health service, all levels of government, the local community, and the 11 council areas who will use Macquarie Home Stay.

The support the project committee has been offered by stakeholders has provided them with the confidence needed to undertake this project, appreciating the true impact and peace of mind it will provide to so many people in the years to come.

Toyota Tour De OROC

With a view to identify the extreme distance and isolation which rural communities face, the inaugural 1,125 km Toyota Tour de OROC has been held with incredible support from businesses in Dubbo and from the overall region.

The tour was also an opportunity to set a Guinness World Record - attempting to set the record for ‘Most brands advertising on one single sportswear item’. A Cycling Jersey created for all the Mayors and other riders on the Tour de OROC and all of our sponsors was featured on this jersey.

The Tour provided an opportunity to fundraise and also create an awareness of Macquarie Home Stay throughout the region. In total, $176,168.63 was raised, an awesome effort for all those involved

Dubbo City Council

Dubbo City Council has been an excellent supporter of Macquarie Home Stay. Mayor Dickerson with Tour De OROC and the council staff have offered assistance thru the entire consultation process. Council have been an excellent supporter of this project, wanting to support the region by having this facility in Dubbo

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