Our Objects and goals:

  • Providing affordable, short-term accommodation for regional patients in Dubbo just minutes from the Base Hospital will facilitate earlier access to health care, subsequent shorter periods of treatment meaning both patients and carers will require less time away from home, employment and other responsibilities
  • Enabling regional communities to access the ‘Hospital in the Home’ model, reducing acute bed stays or ‘bed block’ at Dubbo Hospital, reducing the cost of treatment and optimising bed use in the hospital. Hospital productivity will be improved by accommodating some patients and carers close to the hospital where the patient can receive daily treatment through Ambulatory Care at the hospital or from a nurse visiting them in their Macquarie Home Stay room
  • Supporting and encouraging regional communities to access health services in a timely manner (rather than delaying treatments due to costs associated with travel and accommodation), reducing pressure on the healthcare system, ambulance services and the likes of the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS)
  • Enabling best practice pre and post treatment care for regional patients, improving recovery times and health outcomes
  • Further supporting the ongoing development of a leading regional health service and therefore the productivity gained through an enhanced regional serviceReducing pressure on emergency services (ambulance services and RFDS). With 50%* of maternity patients coming from outside the Dubbo LGA,  the project would improve birth experiences with regional expectant mothers staying close to the hospital pre-term

Serving the Region and Beyond:

Our aim is to provide short-term accommodation for patients and their families or carers who have travelled from the region to use the services of the Dubbo Hospital. These patients may include expectant mothers prior to giving birth, day surgery patients and people requiring treatment at the hospital who may require accommodation immediately prior to or post admission to the hospital. Parents, partners, carers or children undergoing various treatments will benefit from the facility, providing them with a sense of home away from home.

Over 50% of babies born in Dubbo are from out of the Dubbo Local Government area.Over 215,000 residents from beyond the Dubbo LGA plus visitors and travellers within the health district receive treatment in Dubbo.

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